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The mission of Dominican Home Health Agency is to provide quality nursing care and related services to the sick in their own homes. We give priority to the poor, foster the integrity of family life and assist the elderly and chronically ill to stay at home. We provide these services without regard to the origin, creed or other status of the individual. We will protect the life of all people. We are prepared to adapt to the changing needs of the community and those we serve.

Our Logo

Dominican Home Health Agency is delighted to show you our new logo and the meaning behind it. In the center is a Dominican Sister of the Sick Poor, those Sisters who started this agency to serve the poor, sick elderly. The heart represents a three-fold message – a caring, compassionate agency, located in the ‘heart’ of Denver and the heart of our mission is for the greater good of mankind. The stained glass indicates our Catholic heritage and depicts downtown Denver--delineating some well-known buildings. The stained glass pieces denote that many of our patients come to us with their lives ‘in pieces’ but our agency’s focus is to holistically bring their lives back together! The many colors represent the diversity
of people we provide nursing care to—always welcoming them into our hearts!



Over 100 hospitals, doctors, clinics, physical and occupational therapists refer patients to our agency and we, in turn, often refer our patients to other services in the community. Dominican Home Health Agency has worked in partnership with Jewish Family Service to provide Wellness Clinics in their NORCs (Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities) and expanded this successful partnership at Brothers Redevelopment housing sites in 2008. In the past two years, partnerships have been formed with Regis University Schools of Nursing and Health Administrative Services, Metropolitan State College of Denver Health Services Program and the University of Denver's Women's College.



Colorado Nonprofit Association member since 1993



2008 - Hiawatha Davis Humanitarian Award
2007 - Fulfilling Promise of Colorado Cares Day
2004 - Outstanding Collaborative Support



State of Colorado Class "A" Home Healthcare License

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