Thank you for your interest in our clinical services. Before making a referral, please note our eligibility criteria:

  • We serve patients on limited incomes under $1,700/month
    • If you are over this income limit, please contact our clinical department to discuss your specific situation.
  • Patients must live within these boundaries: N: 104th Ave., S: Belleview Ave., E: I-225., W: Simms St./Union Blvd.
  • DHHA does not do wound care, blood draws, PT/OT, errands, or housekeeping services
  • If you are only interested in Durable Medical Equipment, please call our DME Office: 303-322-1413, Ext. 18

Attention healthcare professionals making a referral:

In order to make our initial assessment more effective, we also ask that you fax:

  • Signed physician order requesting a home health evaluation
  • History and Physical
  • Medication List
  • Most recent primary care visit summary

Please contact our Director of Clinical Services if you would like to discuss your particular situation in more detail.  The clinical department can be reached at 303-322-1413 Ext. 24



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